I don’t know if you do… but I scroll through my social media pages on a daily basis. Have you

ever done this then all of a sudden you come across your exact content on someone else’s

feed? You start breathing heavily, your sweating, your eyes are about to pop out of there

socket in disbelief! I’m now fuming! Like how dare this person steal my content? Then, not give

me credit! What in the world?! Have you lost your mind?!… You’ve been there, right? Like… I

put in all this sweat equity to post daily. Then I get the content stealers! Who are you?! Like for



Creating content is NOT easy. It takes creative thought. Creative process… you really have to be up-to-date on the trends and know who your target market is. Just to catch the attention of

your audience is important. There is just too much work that goes into this… Can you agree?

This would make my blood boil… Like this is mine! I’m here trying to get prospects persuaded to

purchase my products. I’m on my A-game to keep my competitive edge and momentum in

building multiple sales funnels. How dare these content stealers! This is my business you are

messing with….


So now… strategically, what I do is… I comment on their post with, “Hey there…Thanks for

sharing my content. Besides… it’s free marketing”.

Stop the content stealers….