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Starting a business is about more than just having a unique skill or idea; it’s about knowing the right people, managing finances, and having a customer-driven approach.


We Can Do it All

These are our main specialties to help your business grow. We focus on a holistic approach that allows us to be the best option for your business. The blueprint to success is you, we just help you map it out.

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Business Startup

Are you looking to start your business? We’ll do the expedited filing for you so that you can focus on other projects. 

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Business Startup Consulting

Starting a business is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you can have. You have made the decision to become a disrupter in your industry and deviate from practices that other companies have used for years. Whatever business structure you are creating, we will offer you the following services: 

▪ Business formation filing 

▪ Business planning 

▪ Business strategy 

▪ Business operations 

Roadmap & planning of individual steps 

▪ Execution of business goals 

Project management 

▪ Marketing plan & Sales Research 

Financial Plan & Sales Forecasting 

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Professional Development

We offer custom training expertly crafted to deliver results. Here is a list of some of the training we offer: 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 


▪ Leadership 

▪ Conflict Resolution 

Performance Management 

Work Ethic 

▪ Stress Management 

Emotional Intelligence 

▪ Negotiation 

Project Management 

▪ Customer Service 

▪ Strategic Plan 

Time Management 

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Business Consulting
Executive Training

We serve as professional advisors to help companies achieve their goals. We identify areas of weakness, areas of potential growth and recommend solutions. We work one-on-one with Executive Leaders to help you strengthen your leadership skills. We specialize in: 

Management Consulting 

Operations Consulting 

Strategic Planning Consulting 

Project Management Consulting 

▪ Performance Analysis 

▪ Business planning consulting 

Marketing Consulting 

▪ Finance Consulting 

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Individual Coaching

We help you attain your personal or career goals. We discuss specific goals you have for the future. We provide support that is essential for gaining momentum for your goals. We help you gain motivation. We collaborate with you to develop action plans that center on the actualization of your stated ambitions. Some of the services we provide: 

▪ Work/life balance 

▪ Career Growth 

▪ Setting boundaries at work 

▪ Communication skills 

▪ Networking 



▪ Resilience 

Exclusive Membership

Annual Membership $395 / Monthly Membership $49

60 min quarterly coaching + advisory services 

▪ 30% discount on any training 

50% towards any of I AM THE BOSS ACADEMY courses 

10% off business startup meta levels