Getting your team back to the office

Getting your team back to the office

It’s time to get fully dressed!!!!!… For almost two years statistics say that over 56%of people have held jobs that were fully remote or at least twice a week, we’re able to work from home, and have tons of flexibility. In fact, I think most people have become comfortable with this new virtual norm. But….now that most people are getting fully vaccinated, it’s time to head back to the office. I think for me, I’ve become an expert at wearing pajamas paints with professional tops. The question is…. How will companies transition their employees back into the office and continue to offer such a wide array of options and continue to keep their employees motivated? 

Employees are considering so many factors, such as safety and being exposed. On the contrary, some employees are happy to get back to the office because the home environment lacks social activities. I mean, we’ve all gone from the kitchen, the bedroom, home office, and the same routine daily, but it also is great when we can have social interactions with others. It’s been tough on all of us. On the flip side, many of us have developed some sort of social anxiety. So…. how do we fully prepare for this transition…. The answer is to make it happen the way that works best for your company & team. Think of innovative ways to help support your team.

Understand that your plan of action may not go according to schedule and be prepared to modify your plan over and over again. Definitely consider enhancing your current business model to address the current trends and needs of your employees. Don’t forget that we as business owners can feel different levels of stress and will have to make personal adjustments as well. Lastly, continue to build relationships with those who make us look good and work hard daily. Always remember, “The Blueprint to Success is You!” 

Let’s Talk Trademark!

Let’s Talk Trademark!

So… Let’s talk about trademark. Why is it that this process is typically the last thing we do for our brand or business? Say what?! Yes… I’m serious. As a business owner, getting a trademark is one of the most important and essential things you need to get right from the start. Now, why are most businesses waiting? Because we think we can’t do it ourselves and it’s going to cost us tons of money… Wrong! Let’s get into it:

What is a Trademark? A trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of these things that identifies your goods or services. It’s how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors. 

Why is a trademark important? Well, a trademark provides an exclusive right to the owner to use such words, logos, and slogans. (It becomes YOUR property).

Where would I file for a trademark? You would go to

How long would the process take? You’d be probably looking at around twelve to thirteen months.

How much will this process cost me? Would I be spending tons of money? No, it would cost you between two hundred seventy-five dollars to three hundred seventy-five. No more than that. Please be sure to check your sources as well. Trust me when I tell you, there are scammers out there ready to steal your brand and all of the hard (SWEAT EQUITY) work that you’ve put into your business.

Would I need an attorney? You can get an attorney, but to save you a few dollars, it’s that simple where you can do it yourself.

Could anyone file the application for me? Unfortunately, they cannot. You would have to file the application yourself. However, you do have a business consultant like myself that can guide you through the process.

If you have any other questions or wish to know more about trademarks you can read more about trademarks HERE

Always remember… The Blueprint to Success is You! Let’s protect our brand and our business(es).

Contracts are Essential

Contracts are Essential

True story…. Got a call from one of my colleagues…. Roxanne!!!!! What do I do? I need your help! I have a client that I did some work for. Absolutely FREE. Now they are trying to sue me alleging that I did not return their item. My response…. Was there a contract in place? A one-minute pause…. Hello? Are you still there? “No, there was no contract in place”. Well… sorry to tell you, but there is nothing that I can do.

I cannot tell you how many calls I get like this. Contracts are ESSENTIAL. Yes! They are a must. Even if you are providing a product or service that is FREE, such as what I call a “Betta client”; which in exchange for a case study or review, you provide a service. Again, a contract is needed. I always share with my clients, if you do not document, it never happened. Here is why:

▪ Contracts will outline the expectations for you and the party you are working with. It gives a clear scope of work to be executed. Trust me… you do not want anyone to claim a misunderstanding down the road.

▪ Contracts in place will protect your brand, your business, and the other party if those expectations, “Aren’t met”. (There are always scouts out there ready to take you out!)

▪ Contracts will “Lock-in” any remittance to be paid for your product or service (if any).

▪ Contracts are legally binding and enforceable. If you ever get sued or are taken to court, a contract can literally save you.

As previously stated, make sure that you develop a simple contract even if you are not planning on charging for your product or service. (If you need help, speak with an attorney or give us a call if you need guidance).

In addition to having a contract in place, make sure you schedule a meeting; whether virtual, via call, or in-person to review the contract and ask questions. “Tell me what is your understanding?” Recap your conversations and allow for the other party to tell you what they understood as well. Have the client sign, you sign, and issue them a copy. Always remember, The Blueprint to Success is You! ™

No Validation Needed

No Validation Needed

As creative human beings, entrepreneurs and business people, sometimes we get to a place

where we plateau. There are no new contracts, money is kind of stagnant and we become still.

Instantaneously, what tends to cross our mind is, “Did I make the right decision? Am I doing the

right thing? I made a huge mistake! This was not meant to be!”…

Trust me, I have been there before and it sucks! But one thing that we cannot do is begin to

seek approval from others. It’s great to read, educate and have mentors. I highly recommend it.

But when you get to a place that you cannot move forward because you need the validation

and approval of someone else is a HUGE mistake! This type of thinking will get you stuck! I

mean that! You became a business owner, entrepreneur and someone who can create multiple

streams of income for a reason! It’s all in YOU. You have the tenacity, creative mind and ability

to do anything you put your mind to. Forget about the opinions of others and always thrive on

why you started your journey in the first place. Hurtles are there to push us towards a new

venture and opportunity!

Take the time to self-evaluate and conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself. Look at your strengths,

weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Then, look back on your business plans, sales funnels

and motivate your damn self!

You’ve got this! Keep going! Press forward! Pick up where you left off and smile! The blueprint

to success is YOU!

There is NO validation needed…

Stop The Content Stealers!

Stop The Content Stealers!

I don’t know if you do… but I scroll through my social media pages on a daily basis. Have you

ever done this then all of a sudden you come across your exact content on someone else’s

feed? You start breathing heavily, your sweating, your eyes are about to pop out of there

socket in disbelief! I’m now fuming! Like how dare this person steal my content? Then, not give

me credit! What in the world?! Have you lost your mind?!… You’ve been there, right? Like… I

put in all this sweat equity to post daily. Then I get the content stealers! Who are you?! Like for



Creating content is NOT easy. It takes creative thought. Creative process… you really have to be up-to-date on the trends and know who your target market is. Just to catch the attention of

your audience is important. There is just too much work that goes into this… Can you agree?

This would make my blood boil… Like this is mine! I’m here trying to get prospects persuaded to

purchase my products. I’m on my A-game to keep my competitive edge and momentum in

building multiple sales funnels. How dare these content stealers! This is my business you are

messing with….


So now… strategically, what I do is… I comment on their post with, “Hey there…Thanks for

sharing my content. Besides… it’s free marketing”.

Stop the content stealers….