It’s time to get fully dressed!!!!!… For almost two years statistics say that over 56%of people have held jobs that were fully remote or at least twice a week, we’re able to work from home, and have tons of flexibility. In fact, I think most people have become comfortable with this new virtual norm. But….now that most people are getting fully vaccinated, it’s time to head back to the office. I think for me, I’ve become an expert at wearing pajamas paints with professional tops. The question is…. How will companies transition their employees back into the office and continue to offer such a wide array of options and continue to keep their employees motivated? 

Employees are considering so many factors, such as safety and being exposed. On the contrary, some employees are happy to get back to the office because the home environment lacks social activities. I mean, we’ve all gone from the kitchen, the bedroom, home office, and the same routine daily, but it also is great when we can have social interactions with others. It’s been tough on all of us. On the flip side, many of us have developed some sort of social anxiety. So…. how do we fully prepare for this transition…. The answer is to make it happen the way that works best for your company & team. Think of innovative ways to help support your team.

Understand that your plan of action may not go according to schedule and be prepared to modify your plan over and over again. Definitely consider enhancing your current business model to address the current trends and needs of your employees. Don’t forget that we as business owners can feel different levels of stress and will have to make personal adjustments as well. Lastly, continue to build relationships with those who make us look good and work hard daily. Always remember, “The Blueprint to Success is You!”